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Why Do Pet Owners Have To Worry About Fleas and Ticks?

Fleas and ticks are the organisms that live outside the pets’ bodies. They are fairly common among cats and dogs. The tick assault also depends on the season, region you live in, and also the lifestyle of your dog. Outdoor pets are more likely to suffer from tick and flea infestation than indoor pets. 33% Americans state that they do not give regular flea/tick medication to their pets and 48% don't take their pets for routine exams to protect against these parasites. But do you know how dangerous it can be for your pets?

Read on the blog to know how tick infestation affects your pet and the precautions you have to take.

How Ticks Affect Your Pet?

 Ticks Affect Your Pet

Ticks latch onto pets’ coats by inserting their mouthpart into their skin. For that, they use a glue-like substance that helps them secure their place firmly on the animals. When ticks find shelter in a dog’s fur, they begin feeding on the pet’s blood. During this process, your pet becomes extremely irritated.

Sometimes, ticks suck so much blood that it could cause a deficiency in dogs called Anemia. Some female ticks also produce toxins while feeding, which can lead to a rare paralysis in dogs. That’s not it. Ticks are capable of causing many diseases in your pet. One of the common diseases is Lyme disease. It can cause arthritis and swell in a pet’s joints. Other diseases could hamper your pet’s health. Talk to your vet and seek his/her advice.

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How to Prevent Pets Getting Ticks?

Orgo Flea and Tick Spray

It’s more likely that your dogs get exposed to ticks in some way or the other. But, ticks can find your cat also while it is on any outdoor activity. To avoid tick infestation, you can use regular natural tick products like Orgo Flea and Tick Spray. This pest-friendly spray not only removes ticks but also lice and fleas.

Here are other preventive measures to keep ticks and fleas at bay.

  • Regularly check your pets for ticks.
  • Know where ticks hide and also limit your dogs’ outdoor exploration.
  • Ticks can travel from your yard to the dogs’ shelter. Therefore, it’s important to treat your yard for ticks using a naturally derived tick and flea spray like Orgo.
  • If the tick infestation goes haywire, choose a tick treatment plan for your dog.

If the tick problem is in your yard, then consider the following methods:

  • Treat the outdoor environment and learn more about the products you are using, see how they affect the environment around you.
  • Change your garden’s landscape and make it less tick-friendly. While planting provides a 3-foot buffer between the lawn and any woods, you can use mulch, wood chips, and gravel to avoid ticks into yards.

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How Do You Tell If Your Dog Has a Tick?

signs of tick infestation

The following are some of the signs of tick infestation in your dog.

  • Licking and chewing: Your pet may lick and chew a particular area in its body where ticks stay.
  • Red inflamed skin: Sometimes skin turns red, and becomes swollen and inflamed.
  • Anemia: If the pet is infested with a lot of ticks, then your pets become anemic. Pets with ticks will also have pale gums and are inactive.
  • Scabs: If the tick is embedded in your pets’ skin, then you also notice scabs.
  • Head shaking: Ticks also find residents under the pet's ear. If you see your pet shaking its head often, then it’s a sign of the infection.
  • Tick paralysis: In a rare situation, ticks also cause paralysis in pets.

Can Ticks Affect The Owners?


YES. Ticks also feed on human blood at any given opportunity. When they attach to the human body, the skin becomes red and irritated. Ticks can also transmit diseases to humans. Some of the common diseases are ‘Lyme diseases’, ‘Rocky mountain spotted fever, which can be dangerous.

Try to avoid ticks by keeping dogs in a healthy, hygienic condition. If you find any parasites, then it’s always wise to take action immediately.\


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