Gypsum Bed Bug Spray

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Pet Friendly, Natural Bed Bug Repellent Non-Toxic & Stain-Free

Gypsum Bedbug Spray by Mdx Concepts – A Natural and Chemical-Free Solution to Kill Bed Bugs at Home

Are you tired of sharing your bed with the bugs? Looking for harmless natural bed bug control products? The Gypsum BedBug Spray by Mdx Concepts might just be what you’re looking for.

The instant formula by MDX Concepts is a must buy for you then. The Gypsum Bed Bug Spray is made with natural and chemical-free ingredients, making it non-toxic and safe for usage around children and pests. Bed Bugs also find vinegar’s pungent smell offensive while the acetic acid kills adult bed bugs and their eggs on immediate contact. 

The non-staining formula of the Bed Bug spray gives it a far-reaching application at your home: you can apply it on your bed sheets and mattresses without worry. It’s a natural bug repellent which lets you sleep undisturbed, without the slightest worry of skin irritant chemicals and harmful fumes, giving you the beauty sleep you are worthy of.

What Makes Gypsum Bedbug Spray an Effective Bedbug Killer?

Quick and Effective Treatment

The bedbug killer spray is effective to use as it is a mix of vinegar, peppermint oil and spearmint oil and shows results very quickly.

Stain-Free Exterminator of Bedbugs at Home

Get a goodnight’s sleep at your home without worrying about the stains on your bedding or pillow covers.  You can apply the bed bug spray directly to sheets, mattress and cover to kill bedbugs on site.

Safe for Humans, Lethal for Bugs

There are no toxic chemicals used in the bed bug killer spray, ensuring you and your family a sound sleep. The natural ingredient composition is absolutely safe to use around children and pets.

Vigorous but Non-Toxic Impact

Natural, Organic, and Non-Toxic ingredients eliminate bed bugs on contact at all stages of their life cycle; Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults.

Natural and safe Ingredients to Kill Bed Bugs

MDX Concepts Gypsum Bedbug Spray is derived from natural and non-toxic ingredients which makes the natural bed bug repellent safe for pets and children. A uniform blend of following ingredients makes it kill bed bugs immediately and effectively.

Peppermint oil – 2%

Spearmint oil – 1%

Sodium Lauryl Sufate – 3%

Inert ingredients – 94%

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your sleep. The gypsum bed bug spray is the ultimate natural, chemical-free and pet friendly. The repellent is as safe to humans as it is lethal for bugs. Avoid expensive and toxic chemical exterminations and use the natural spray and keep the bugs from bugging you.


"This is the best bug spray for home I’ve ever bought" Rene Micheals

I love the way this home bug killer spray works! I have always loved to buy second hand furniture, but struggled with the bed bugs that came along with it. But after using this natural bed bug spray, it is so easy to get rid of them instantly. I would like to try out all the other products soon.

"I tried out this 100% natural bed bug spray and and I love it" George White

I had been on the lookout for the best bug spray for home and it looks like I finally found it. The best part about this home bed bug spray is that it makes my bed and couch smell like peppermint. I have recommended it to all my friends and family.


  • How to use Bedbug Spray?
  • The non-staining formula of the Bed Bug spray gives it a far-reaching application at your home: you can apply it on your bed sheets and mattresses without worry. It’s a natural bug repellent which lets you sleep undisturbed. 

  • How long lasting it will be?
  • They instantly kill bugs and the effect is long lasting. Bed bugs generally develop strong immunity towards chemical pesticides which fail to make an impact. The natural bed bug spray is made of essential oils towards which bed bugs cannot develop and immunity. 

  • Which is the best way to get rid of the bed bugs in my house?
  • There are many solutions available to get rid of bed bugs, including the use of chemical pesticides. However, the best option to get rid of bed bugs is to use a natural bed bug spray that has been tried and tested. This will ensure that you won’t have to face any sort of side effects from the usage of pesticides inside your home. 

  • Do bed bugs spread any diseases? If not, is it actually necessary to get rid of them?
  • Bed bugs do not spread diseases. However, a bed bug infestation can cause itchy bites to form on the skin as well as loss of sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of them with the help of a bed bug  spray.  There are a number of highly effective chemical pesticides available in the market but they can cause serious health issues. One of the best ways to repel bed bugs is by using a natural bed bug spray that has the same effect as the pesticides without compromising on your health. 100% natural bed bug deterrent contains  natural oils which repels bed bugs and keeps your home bed-bug free and fragrant. 

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    • I’ve sprayed my mattress and bed frame, how long before I can sleep In it again, is it dangerous to be in the room that it was sprayed in, hopefully you can reply ASAP

      Hi, the bed bug spray that you have brought from us is a non-toxic bug spray for home. There are no harmful effects and it has a pleasing smell. You can sleep on your bed the same day you use it. In case you are allergic to the essential oils used in this natural bed bug spray, avoid sleeping on the bed for a week.

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