Pesto Rat Repellent Granules

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MDX Concepts Pesto Rodent Repellent Pellets – Chemical-Free and Natural Rodent Repellent Pellets for Repelling Rats

Are you tired of mice invasions at your home or yard?

Here is an effective and natural solution for it. MDX Concepts have come up with PESTO Rodent Repellent Pellets which eliminates the need for the mouse traps and make your home and yard free from rodents. Just spread a few pellets and forget about the mice invasions at your place.

Why Should You Buy MDX Concepts Mice Repellent Pellets or Granules?

A Natural and Non-Toxic Solution to The Mouse Problem

MDX Concepts PESTO Rodent Repellent Pellets, composed of natural ingredients like peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, cedar wood oil and spearmint oil, are an effective solution to all the mice problems. The non-toxic ingredients used in the product serve as an ultimate barrier for rodents in the most organic way.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

The PESTO rodent repellents are not manufactured using any harsh chemicals or rat poisons. They are eco-friendly and safe or the pets and the children.

Long-Lasting Impact and Weather Resistant

The MDX Concepts PESTO Rodent Repellent Pellets provide long lasting protection against the mice as the product lasts for up to a year. The product is also weather resistant and works well even if kept in the rain. It is not affected by the humidity and gives a guaranteed protection against all types of mice.

Easy to Use

The rodent pellets are easy to use. Just a few pellets need to be placed in the areas where the mice can be found hidden and the scent of the negatively charged essential oils of the product pellets repel the mice instantly.

Affordable and Efficient

The mice repellent pellets come for affordable price and do not leave any negative impact on health due to its natural composition. If the product does not eliminate your mice problem after 60 days of usage, 100% money back guarantee is promised.  

Natural, Safe and Non-Toxic Composition

MDX Concepts Pesto Rat Repellent Granules are manufactured using natural and non-toxic products, making it safer for pets and children. A uniform combination of the following ingredients makes it possible to repel rats quickly and efficiently.

Peppermint oil – 0.1%

Cinnamon oil – 0.01%

Spearmint oil – 0.05%

Cedarwood oil – 0.01%

Inert ingredients, diatomaceous earth, water – 99.83%


"What a genius idea these rodent repellent granules are!"

Shawn Rhodes

The rodent repellent granules are so easy to use that it feels like magic! I never got any sleep at night thinking of rats in my kitchen. But after using the granules, there are no traces of rats in my home anymore. I am going to keep buying the rodent repellent granules because they are amazing. 


"The most convenient pest control method I have ever tried"

Rose D’Souza

I am not sure how I managed without these rodent repellent granules before. They work wonders to chase out rats and mice. I am just too happy that I don’t have to use rat traps anymore. I'm going to recommend it to my family.


How do rat repellent granules work?

The rat repellent granules have a unique scent that rats find unbearable. They will try to stay as far away from that scent as possible. Scattering the granules around the house can prevent rats and mice from coming in. 


Which is the best option for rat pest control for a home while its residents are away on vacation?

A home left unattended for a long time can turn into a playground for rats and mice. Scattering rodent repellent granules everywhere before leaving can help to control the infestation better than other options. 


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