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Noiseless, Easy-To-Use Rodent Control Pouches

Scoria Rodent Control Pouches by MDX Concepts – An Effective Way to Repel Rodents

Are you tired of expensive, stinking rodent repellent sprays?

The pack of Scoria Rodent Control Pouches by MDX Concepts is your saviour then. The product has a composition of essential oils that are encapsulated in a pouch form, giving you a minty peppermint aroma, all day, every day.

The package of 12 rodent control pouches is a perfect alternative to mainstream mouse and rat traps and you can use it anywhere you fear invasions.

What makes Scoria Rodent Repellent Pouches the best choice for your household? 

Effective and Easy to Use

All you have to do is simply place a pouch in any enclosed space like closet, pantry or vehicles to get rid rodent invasions. 

Rodent Repellent Made with a Combination of Essential Oils

Made with a combination of essential oils like cinnamon oil, cedar oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil, these rodent control pouches give protection with a pleasant fragrance, thus keeping your environment garden fresh.

Scoria Rodent Repellent Pouches, made from a combination of the following essential oils, provide protection with a pleasant aroma.

Peppermint Oil – 0.1%

Cinnamon Oil – 0.01%

Spearmint Oil – 0.05%

Cedarwood Oil – 0.01%

Inert Ingredients:

Sawdust - 87.83%

Other Ingredients - 12.09%

Score a rat free home with Scoria rodent control. Ditch rat traps and poison and try essential oils that keep your home rodent free. The essential herbal oils also leave your home with a pleasant fragrance. The pest control pouches are easy to use and can be kept in small closed spaces too.


"Pest control for restaurants has never been easier" Katie Miller

As a restaurant owner, I detest using chemical pesticides around food. But with these pest control pouches, I have an incredibly convenient way to get rid of pests without any worries. I just have to keep the pest control pouches in necessary areas and forget about it. There are no pest issues anymore and I’m so thankful to this pest control pouch for that.

"My favorite option for garden pest control" Rachel Wilson

The pest control pouch suits my busy lifestyle perfectly. I rarely find time to tend to my garden, and leaving these pouches around helps me get rid of pests instantly. I don’t have to spend too much time and money on getting rid of garden pests anymore. I am definitely buy some more!


I have a busy schedule and usually have no time for pest control at home. What is my best option to get rid of pests like cockroaches and spiders?

If time is an issue, pest control pouches offer the best solution. They just have to be placed in the necessary spots around your home. The pouches will do all the work, without anyone having to check on it. 

What can be done to put an end to a cockroach infestation in a car? A car is an enclosed space which can be ideal for pests to thrive in. To easily get rid of them, the best option is to use natural pest control pouches. The pouches can be placed in convenient places inside the car to repel all kinds of common pests.

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