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Flint Lice Spray by MDX Concepts – A Safe and Natural Hair Spray to Prevent Lice Infestation

The Flint Lice Spray by MDX Concepts is 100% natural and safe solution to prevent lice infestation, and works without leaving any side effects like headache, nausea and swelling. The product kills the nymphs even before they become adults, thus making the process tirelessly efficient. It might be tough on lice but is definitely gentle and humane on your scalp. For best results, always shake the spray well before use and apply it on freshly washed hair. You can also spray the product anywhere including clothes, luggage, bedding, furniture and more due to its non-staining quality. It is strongly advisable that the spray MUST NOT be used over the body. It is made of USDA certified ingredients, and thus, does not harm children and pets, keeping you and your loved ones happy.

Why is Flint Lice Spray Recommended for Hair Lice Treatment? 


MDX Concepts flint lice spray is a naturally derived lice spray, which removes lice easily from your hair. The spray gives a relaxing and refreshing feel to your scalp and kills the lice immediately.


The flint lice spray is a combination of vinegar, lavender and geranium, and hence, doesn’t make any stains when in contact with your pillow cover, clothes and furniture.


As the flint lice spray is made entirely using natural ingredients, there is nothing to worry about headache, nausea and swellings. There are no side effects of the product and it is 100% safe and natural.


 Because it is nontoxic and naturally derived, which kills lice and eggs on contact, MDX Concepts lice spray is certified as ‘100% naturally derived’ by USDA.


You can use it easily from your home by spraying it directly on your hair. It starts showing results within a few minutes of its application.

Natural and Non-toxic Ingredients to Kill Head Lice

MDX Concepts Flint Lice Spray is derived from natural and non-toxic ingredients which makes it safe for pets and children. A uniform blend of following ingredients makes it kill head lice immediately and effectively.

Peppermint oil – 2%

Spearmint oil – 1%

Sodium Lauryl Sufate – 3%

Inert ingredients – 94%


"My kids are lice free all thanks to this head lice spray"

- William Hunt
Each time a new school year starts, my kids come back home with a lice infestation. But after using this head lice repellent, it has become much easier to tackle their lice problems. It also makes their hair smell like lavender, which I love.


"The best head lice prevention spray in the market"

- Jill Moss
I had never tried out a natural head lice repellent on my daughter’s hair before, but now I don’t want to switch back again to the chemical shampoos I tried out before. I love the way this lice killer spray works, and my daughter loves it too!


Why do I have a lice problem even though I wash my hair daily? What else can I do to get rid of it?

A lice infestation doesn’t depend on how clean or dirty a person’s hair is. Lice simply move from one person to the other by head-to-head contact. Using a natural head lice prevention spray can help to resolve the issue. 


If I keep my dog away from my hair, can I put an end to my lice problem?

A dog cannot be the cause for your lice problem. Lice feed on human blood only. Chances are that you got lice from direct contact with someone else. In order to put an end to your lice problem, you can use a head lice repellent spray on your hair.


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  • Do I spray on wet or dry hair

    Licefreee Spray should be applied to dry hair. Applying to wet hair could dilute the solution and possibly interfere with the effectiveness of the product.

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