Radar Pest Repellent Device

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Noiseless, Easy-To-Use Electronic Radar Pest Control to Kill & Repel Bugs

MDX Concepts Radar Pest Repellent Device –Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repelling Device

Let the pest invasion not be a problem for your house anymore as mdx concepts has brought an effective pest-control solution for you. The MDX Concepts Radar Pest Repellent Device makes your house pest-free by transmitting the ultrasonic waves which are harmful to the central nervous system of the pests. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic for children and pets. It is easy to use and is effective against a wide range of pests.  

Why is Radar Pest Repellent Device the Best Way to Protect your Family and Home from Pests?

An Electronic Device That Provides All Pests Protection

The Pest Repellent Device transmits waves that are harmful to the central nervous system of all pests and has a coverage area of about 1200 square feet, making the product target specific and thus effective.

Easy to Use Electronic Device 

Plug in the pest repellent device directly to the outlet and the machine starts working immediately after plugging in. No additional fittings are required.

Noiseless Operation

Radar Pest Repellent renders a soundless performance of repelling and killing bugs, and doesn’t affect your sleep in any way.

Night Light Feature Which Helps in Repelling Pests Effectively

The LED Night Light function in the Pest Repellent Device shows that the machine is active and working, ensuring you don’t forget to turn it off whenever you have to

Non-Toxic and Effective

The product does not emit any harmful fumes that might be detrimental to your health and is thus totally safe to be used around children and pets.

Keep all kinds of pests off your radar with the Radar Pest Repellent Device. This electronic pest repellent offers you relief from all kinds of bugs and pests. Eco-friendly, chemical-free and 100% safe for children and pets. This noise-free pest repellent technology is soon becoming a household name.

With  Radar Pest Repellent Device your home stays pest-free and toxic-free!


"The best ultrasonic pest repeller I have ever bought" Anthony Philip

This is an awesome pest repellent machine that is long lasting and efficient. I used to have a major mosquito issue at home. But after turning on the ultrasonic pest repeller, I can sleep soundly without mosquitoes singing near my ear all night. I have recommended it to my friends. 

"This is the most effective ultrasonic pest repellent for roaches" Jennifer Bunch

The cockroaches inside my kitchen used to put me in a bad mood all the time. I didn’t want to use any chemicals inside my kitchen, and this pest repellent machine has solved that problem for me. The cockroaches seem to have vanished overnight and I’m delighted to wake up to a clean kitchen every morning. I am going to recommend the ultrasonic pest repellers to my friends too.


  • How Electronic Rodent Repellent Works?
  • The radar pest repellent is an easy plug-in device. It requires no technical support to install and is very simple to use.Just like common mosquito repellent, plug in the pest repellent device directly to the outlet and the machine starts working immediately after plugging in. No additional fittings are required. 

  • How Does Ultrasonic Pest Repelling Device Affect Rodents?
  • Rodents can wreak havoc in your home and garden. They bring with them lethal, life-threatening diseases and put your family’s health at risk. Ditch the toxic rat poisons and dangerous rat traps Use the ultrasonic pest repellent device. Its waves disrupt the central nervous system and keep them away.

  • How does ultrasonic pest repelling device affect insects?
  • The ultrasonic or radar pest repelling keeps insects of all kinds away. This noise free pest control technology covers an area of 1200 sq feet and transmits waves that disrupts the central nervous system of pests, thus successfully repelling them. 

  • Can Electronic Pest Repellent Devices Really Be Effective?
  • Even though it is a relatively new concept, an Ultrasonic pest repellent machine can actually be effective in getting rid of common household pests. It uses ultrasonic waves to disrupt the central nervous system of pests and keep them away. 

  • Which is the Best Option to Repel Cockroaches from Entering the Kitchen at Night?
  • An electronic pest control device can be a convenient option for  nighttime cockroach problems. It can be switched on and placed in the kitchen to prevent pests from getting in.

    Radar Pest Repellent devices help in all kinds of pest control and are one of the best ways to keep pests away without using strong and toxic chemicals.

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