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Committed to making pest control a natural, chemical-free, and effective process, MDX Concepts offers a range of repellents, pesticide sprays for indoor and outdoor pests that have no toxic side effects on your health. Made from natural oils and herbal plant extracts, our products not only help you fight pest infestation of all types but also leave an aromatic effect after use and keep your loved ones healthy and happy.

We provide 100% natural, chemical-free products on 4 fronts:

1) Household: Dust mites, ants, termites, lice, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches; the list of such hidden predators is endless. They lodge themselves onto septic tanks, furniture, food scrap, and garden plants and slowly make their way into your beds, clothes, and finally your body. It’s time to ditch chemical pesticides, dangerous mouse traps, and switch to natural insect sprays and pouches that keep your children and pets safe from pests and harmful side-effects.

2) Outdoor: Fear of rodents makes you keep your windows and doors closed? The natural ingredients in our Rodent Spray do not kill rodents but repel them by 100%. Rodents are a great health risk and are known to cause lethal diseases like leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, or black-death. With our natural pesticide spray, you can move on from mouse traps and chemical rat poison and still live in a rodent-free home without side-effects.

3) Personal Care: Your kids being sent back from school due to lice is a nightmare that gives your sleepless nights. Well, apart from latching on to your mind and your scalp these pesky bugs easily find their way into luggage, bedding, and clothes. Our Lice Spray kills them instantly and leaves no stains too!

4) Pet Care: Your furry friends should be able to enjoy a walk in the garden or park without heading back with fleas and ticks. Keep your pet tick-free with our Flea-Tick Sprays that serve as a protective cover from all kinds of ticks and fleas. Zero side effects. 100% natural and kid-friendly.

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